Sock It To Lymphoedema!

The BLS need your help!



This year during Lymphoedema Awareness Week (LAW) the BLS and LSN are collaborating on ‘The Sock It Campaign’ to raise awareness  for lymphoedema. We ask all our members to help make this year’s campaign a success and have worked with LSN to prepare resources for you to use.


Below are the links to two poster options for you to email to Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) in your area (sample email also linked) encouraging them to have a have a little fun wearing odd socks during LAW and share their pictures on social media #LymphoedemaAwareness, #Sockit . Encourage them to share the pictures or videos with you also and you can feed these back to the LSN and BLS. The posters are very similar but one is an editable version allowing organisations to add their own details for the event e.g. Please can all staff wear odd socks to work on the 6th March 2018.


The posters are A4 so once emailed to GPs and any HCPs in your area they can be printed out easily and displayed in surgeries and departments. The more HCPs you can encourage to get involved the better. Think GP surgeries, hospital wards and departments, hospices, clinical commissioners and chief executives!


Also linked below  are two different information leaflets to email out also. One is for HCPs and one is for the public. Please encourage organisations getting involved to disseminate this information to staff and patients.


As BLS members we ask that your primary focus be raising awareness amongst HCPs but if you want to get friends and relatives involved, local politicians or anyone famous you may know, then please go right ahead. Please display posters in your own service to encourage patients to get involved. The more awareness the better! We aim to flood social media with Sock It pictures and make the idea of wearing “odd socks” synonymous with lymphoedema, just as “Red Nose Day” is for Comic Relief, “Pudsey and Spots” are for Children in Need and Macmillan are known for their coffee mornings.


Good luck and have fun spreading #Lymphoedema Awareness with #Sockit !!


Sock It Poster

Poster for Lymphoedema Awareness Week

Members Only

Sock It Poster Editable

Poster for Lymphoedema Awareness Week with option for members to add in details and promote local events

Members Only

Information For Health Care Professionals - Sock It

Lymphoedema Awareness, 'Sock It' Campaign - Information for Health Care Professionals

Download .doc

Easy to Read Info Sheet for Public and Patients

Lymphoedema Awareness, 'Sock It' Campaign - Easy To Read guide for patients and public

Download .doc

Sample Email

Sample email for colleagues

Members Only

The face of our campaign this year is Nicola. She has agreed to be our poster girl and to share her story.

My name is Nicola. I have lymphoedema in my right arm after having breast cancer in 2013.

Following my surgery I was warned by my Breast Care Nurse to look after the skin on my arm to protect it from infection. I remember washing up and feeling a knife in the sink and found I had cut my hand.  Despite doing my best to clean the cut it got infected. After a trip to the GP I was told I had lymphoedema and was referred to my local lymphoedema service to be fitted for my first sleeve. I wasn’t sure how I felt about wearing a sleeve at first. I came away with an awful beige one. Wearing it made me feel uncomfortable as it looked horrible and unfeminine. At my second appointment my nurse said I needed a made to measure sleeve and she told me they came in different colours. I was pretty conservative at first and chose black and grey sleeves but then I discovered the bright colours and I have since had red, purple and blue sleeves.

I wear my sleeve with pride now after beating breast cancer. I am now embracing having lymphoedema and wearing bright happy sleeves. Please get involved in this campaign and help raise awareness so that everyone with lymphoedema can feel supported and positive like me.

A big thank you to Nicola from both the BLS and LSN. Our thanks also go to Juzo for providing Nicola’s armsleeve and photographer James Stewart