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News From The Bls Scientific Committee - Call For Members Of The Blssc

Nov 24, 2017


Call for members of the BLS Scientific Committee
Vacancies are open for three members of the Scientific Committee (SC):

  • two for full membership
  • one for ‘honorary’ membership.

The main functions of the BLS SC  are:?1. To act as the scientific committee for the annual conference (to review abstracts and decide on acceptability)
2. To judge presentations made at conference of accepted abstracts and recommend awards for best overall and best ‘novice’ posters, best overall and best ‘novice’ oral presentations.
3. To act as the scientific committee to assess applications to the Lymphoedema Research Grant (LRG) and receive progress reports.
4. To oversee correct and up-to-date information on the BLS website about matters pertaining to the Scientific Committee.
5. To act as expert reviewers for groups such as NICE.

Full Membership – 2 vacancies

Ideally, the SC comprises nine full members. Two positions are currently open. Adequate expertise and stability are essential for the effectiveness of the Committee. It is therefore hoped that members will remain on the Committee for a period of five years.
Essential criteria for membership of the Scientific Committee are:

  • full membership of BLS
  • a first degree or equivalent
  • experience of writing for publication
  • experience of poster and oral presentation.

Holding a higher degree is a desirable criterion. It is also desirable that a mix of skills and abilities is represented on the Committee, i.e. different disciplines, research experience.  In this call, we are seeking members who would be particularly interested in any of the following roles:

  • Deputy conference organiser
  • Maintenance of Scientific Committee page on the BLS website
  • Coordinating expert review input into groups such as NICE.

Honorary Membership – 1 vacancy

Membership of the SC also comprises one “honorary” member. We wish to thank Clare Anvar for her contribution as Honorary Member of the SC and regret her departure which leaves this position open.
The aim of this role is to enable a BLS member to develop skills which would make them eligible for full Scientific Committee membership. 
The Honorary Member will not have the experience to meet the criteria for Full Membership but, for example, may be someone carrying out an MSc. The Honorary Member is not a “voting member” but will be asked to comment on the abstracts with the support of a named mentor from the Scientific Committee. 

Further information including Terms of Reference is available on the BLS website or from members of the Scientific Committee.
Interested parties who meet the criteria stated above are asked to complete the “Proforma for BLSCC Applicants (2013)” available to members on the BLS website and submit it along with a mini-CV to the Chair of the Scientific Committee ( ) by 31 December 2017. 
Decisions will be made by the SC in the New Year. This will give the opportunity for new members to take part in the coming year’s activities relating to the Lymphedema Research Grant (LRG) and the 2018 conference abstracts.

Current members include:
Beverley de Valois (Chair) 
Eunice Jeffs (Vice Chair)
Rebecca Elwell
Dominic Furniss
Andrew Hughes
Rhian Noble-Jones
Katie Riches 

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