Who's Speaking

Ms Heidi Sandoz Tissue Viability Nurse

As we move forward within the 5 year forward view we need to deliver care that is of a higher standard in a sustainable manner that reduces health care costs. We have £20 billion to save by 2020. A seminal piece of research (Guest et al., 2015) catching the attention of the Chief Nurse and NHS England has given wound care a place on the national agenda. In the background our national specialist organisations such as the Tissue Viability Society (TVS), British Lymphology Society and the Leg Ulcer Forum have been working hard to raise awareness for our specialist patient groups. In the tissue viability world we achieved this in 2010 with pressure ulcers and these have very much been a quality improvement priority. Now with Societal collaboration we are moving the lower limb population into the same spotlight. Heidi will share the background to the national agenda, the TVS and the societal partnership that is developing the Legs Matter campaign. We all recognise that by reducing oedema we can prevent ulceration, reduce costs and improve quality of life for a fair portion of our affected community. Now it’s time to spread that recognition, gain acknowledgement, transform services and practices to deliver a sustainable model across our nation.

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