Dermatonics Ltd

Dermatonics create and sell specialist emollients containing urea and Oatmeal. They reduce the time and cost involved in removing hyperkeratosis in lymphoedema patients.

Many of you will be familiar with Dermatonics Once Heel Balm we have now introduced a new product for Lymphoedema, Dermatonics Callus Removing Balm which contains 25% Urea and Oat Lipid Oil. It is indicated for treatment of hyperkeratosis in the feet and legs. The urea acts to break down the callus and convert it to good skin and the Oat Lipid Oil contains Ceramides, which build the skin and prevent TEWL, and Linoleic acid which decrease scale. Our products are safe to use under bandages and highly effective in removing callus. Feedback from Lymphoedema services is that using this product to remove hyperkeratosis and improve skin condition is much more cost effective and less time consuming.

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