Call For Abstracts

Call for abstracts for oral and poster presentations

at the British Lymphology Society Annual Conference 1-2 October 2018

The BLS Scientific Committee welcomes abstract submissions for oral or posters presentations for this year’s conference.  

Before submitting, please read the “Guidelines for submitting an abstract for the 2018 BLS conference”  below and also available for download - Click Here

These are also available in the Call for Abstracts on pages 25 - 27 of the Spring edition of News & Views

Abstracts can be submitted from Tuesday 3 April to Friday 18 May (Tuesday 29th May to Friday 22nd June 2018 for ALA Members Only). Submission is electronically via the Oxford Abstract system.  

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Deadline for submission: Friday 18 May 2018 (Friday 22nd June 2018 for ALA Members Only)


Further guidance is available from:





"Guidelines for submitting an abstract for the 2018 BLS conference"  - (Downloadable Format Available Here)


These guidelines are intended to help you submit for consideration by the BLS Scientific Committee a clear and concise abstract for oral or poster presentation at the BLS conference. 

Please also read the companion document: Top Tips for Submitting an Abstract for the Annual Conference.


Why Submit An Abstract?

Oral and poster presentation by healthcare professionals is a key element in the exchange of good practice at the BLS conference. It provides an opportunity to bring work to the attention of a wide audience, enhancing the prestige of the presenter.  Submitting an abstract is the key to this opportunity.



 How and when to submit an abstract?


All abstracts must be submitted by midnight on Friday, 18th May (Friday 22nd June 2018 for ALA Members Only) using the Oxford Abstract System. Please note that submissions after that date cannot be accepted.

You will need to create a login in and complete all of the fields for the requested details about yourself, your co-authors and your presentation. As well as your abstract, you will need to supply a short biography for the main author.


Allow sufficient time!


Please make sure to allow sufficient time to write and to submit your abstract.  It can take some time to prepare and to upload your submission

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations may be submitted on the following:


  • Research studies
  • Clinical audits
  • Case reports
  • Service development initiatives (including user involvement)
  • Literature reviews / Systematic reviews
  • Educational initiatives 

The maximum word limit for an abstract is 250 words excluding the title.  Please note that the Oxford Abstract system will not accept abstracts that exceed the word limit.


References are not necessary Please use the relevant headings below when setting out your abstract. These are part of the word count.in the abstract (however, they should be included in the final presentation).



Research Study

  • Introduction
  • Aims
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusions




  • Method should include ethical approval.
  • Results (whether interim or final) should be summarised in the abstract.  It is not acceptable to say that results will be disclosed in the final presentation.
  • Conclusions must address what the study adds to existing knowledge.


Literature review or systematic review

  • Background
  • Aim
  • Method
  • Result
  • Conclusions



  • Method should address search method with inclusion /exclusion criteria
  • Conclusion should include critical analysis of the method and results.


Clinical Audit

  • Introduction
  • Aims
  • Standards being audited
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusions


PLEASE NOTE: Conclusions must address how the audit relates to any changes in practice or revision of standards.


Case Report

  • Describe original / rare cases
  • Reason for report
  • Case(s) description
  • Discussion



  • Case(s) description must confirm that consent was obtained
  • Discussion should compare with previous reports and address implications for practice.


Service Development Evaluation

  • Aims
  • Description
  • Evaluation


Educational Initiative Evaluation

  • Introduction
  • Aims
  • Rationale
  • Description
  • Evaluation 








To preserve anonymity, please ensure there is no identifying information (such as name of author, country or institution) in the abstract. (You will input these details into the Oxford Abstract submission form and they will be screened from the review team).


Conflict of interest


A conflict of interest exists when professional judgment concerning a primary interest (such as patients' welfare or the validity of research) may be influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain or personal rivalry). It may arise when an author has a financial interest that may influence, probably without their knowing, their interpretation of their results or those of others.

The abstract submission process requires authors to declare any conflict of interest. The declaration should not be included in the abstract; rather it is part of the submission form.


The Scientific Committee review all submitted abstracts using anonymous peer review. Applicants will be informed if their abstract is successful in early August.  If you are not successful this time the Scientific Committee will provide you with feedback and hope you will resubmit next year.

Please read and follow the guidance provided on Top Tips for Submitting an Abstract for the Annual Conference which also includes guidance on how to construct a title.  This document details what the Scientific Committee are looking for when reviewing an abstract and how it will be judged.

Each year the Scientific Committee judges the quality of oral and poster presentations (see below). Please note that scores for abstracts now form part of the final presentation score when judged at conference.

If you have any questions relating to your abstract please do not hesitate to ask for advice from the Scientific Committee by contacting the Chair at science@thebls.com


Please note:

  1. All abstracts will be reproduced in the Conference Programme and submission of an abstract constitutes consent for publication.
  2. The BLS Scientific Committee will decide on the appropriate format (poster or oral), date and time of presentation, and time allotted to each presentation, based on the nature of the abstract and its content.
  3. On submission of an

    abstract you are agreeing to attend the BLS conference and present your oral presentation/poster at whatever time is scheduled within the conference programme. Should your abstract be accepted, you are expected to register to attend the BLS conference.


Prizes will be awarded for Oral and Poster presentations submitted by BLS Members in the following categories:


  • Best novice poster presentation
  • Best overall poster presentation
  • Best novice oral presentation
  • Best overall oral presentation

This year’s prizes comprise a signed certificate in a presentation frame and a voucher entitling each winner to a 12-month subscription to a journal of their choice in the MA Healthcare (MAH) Ltd portfolio.

The BLS Scientific Committee will decide the winners according to formal judging criteria and their decision is final. Please note that scores for abstracts now form part of the final presentation score when judged at conference.

These awards will be presented at the end of the conference

Deadline for submission: Friday 18th May (Friday 22nd June 2018 for ALA Members Only), via the Oxford Abstract system




2017 Prize Winners


Best Oral Presentation by a Novice - Natalie Kruger

Best Overall Oral Presentation - Melanie Thomas

Best Overall Poster - Helen Davey

Best Poster by a Novice - Beverley Lenton